Video API (Application Programming Interface) enables businesses to develop, store, and convey with a video embedded platform. Video APIs provide access to server infrastructure and also include a way to retrieve analytics about the live-streaming and videos shown to the viewers.

One of the major advantages of a video API is that it can be flexibly developed according to any tailor-made use case that you want. This empowers Businesses to integrate and add video functionalities to their products without the trouble of encoding, hosting, and delivering.!

With inAPI, Video API Platform by InstaVC Collaboration Suite, harness the full power of Video API. Maximize your brand value add custom logos and backgrounds into the meetings, that resonates with your brand and make the most, out of our cloud-based inAPI video conferencing platform. It’s secure, stable, and is future-ready in helping your business to achieve the digital transformation that it’s lacking to move-forward to the next level.

Why you should implement inAPI in your system –

Versatile & Scalable

Real-time video & audio enabled communication with a cutting edge WebRTC based technology that initiates with just a click and play versatility, without having to download any further video applications.

API for Online Marketplaces

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption to remote work, resulting into the development of various platforms for team collaboration, online consultation, e-learning, engagement, and customer interaction. All that these areas have in common is the need to provide high-quality video communication on a website or app.

inAPI is a powerful way for companies to streamline how they engage with partners, clients and their customers and together experience a new age form of communication that empowers consumers with simpler services and options for a flawless interaction. Document an efficient Video API technology and synchronize your team to keep up with the challenge of continuously changing Industrial trends & Consumer demands with this best-in-class Video API solution.

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